Andrew Guojun Unwin is a British graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Singapore. He is a scholarship graduate, having achieved the LASALLE Award of Academic Excellence being the top student in the Faculty of Media Arts. Andrew has worked on a number of commercial projects, heading them on storyboards, animation and concept writing and illustration.


Having had this passion for art since he was toddler, Andrew has always aspired to work in the media arts industry. 'Artists only get famous when they're dead.', he always heard that as a kid but never did that truly deter him from wanting to draw. His parents wanted him to become a business student. He's happy he didn't go down that path. He doesn't think he'd be very good at it. 


Train rides are the worst, don't you agree? That's why Andrew always has his trusty sketchbook with him at all times so he can whip it out at any moment and just start doodling. He grabs inspiration for his ideas from just about anywhere, be it a novel or a video game, to B-rated horror movies (Andrew loves B-rated horror movies). Andrew hopes to one day be able to be recognised for his work and through his art, put smiles on people's faces. 


Andrew uses a mix of traditional and digital mediums such as pen, pencil, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and TVPaint.


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